Don't Come Back - Maddie Ashman.

Music Video. 2020.

Directed by Clemente Lohr, this music video was released with Maddie Ashman's latest single: "Don't Come Back" on Vevo in March 2020. 




The official music video for Maddie Ashman's 'Don't Come Back'.

Shot February and released May 9th 2020.


director / editor: Clemente Lohr

cinematographer / colourist: Toby Elwes

1st assistant director:  Eduardo Arcelus

1st assistant camera: Tom Francome

stylist: Sophia Katyea


Mum: Sara Galvin

Dad: Roger Conneff

Boyfriend: Bradley Scott

Best Friend: Maya Pillay

Dancer 1: Will Osborne

Dance 2: Sae Bosco

Shot on a Sony FS5 with Sony FE 28-135mm f/4 G

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